Spawning coho ~ photo by Eiko Jones

Who is “Quadra Salmon”?

Quadra Salmon work crew, 2013

Photo: Quadra Salmon work crew, 2013

Cover photo:  spawning Coho – Eiko Jones

Quadra Island Salmon Enhancement Society is at its core a working board of directors who meet on a monthly basis ands coordinate ongoing salmon projects. But just like an ecosystem, we are part of a much broader fabric of support – QISES depends on committed volunteers, community support, and other organizations, both governmental and independent.

We invite YOU, members of the Quadra community and beyond, to volunteer, to become members, attend meetings, and participate in QISES’ diverse activities.   We welcome skills and interests of all sorts!

Quadra Salmon members have always been a fun and diverse bunch, with a passion for the outdoors and for the fish that are such a backbone of BC life.

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