Stream Keeping & Restoration

Drought Proofing Gang, 2012

Photo: Stream keepers work crew, 2013

Juvenile trout in being measured in a clear viewing box during a Streamkeepers course

Juvenile trout being measured in a Streamkeepers course

If there’s one word that best describes what many QISES volunteers do today, that word would be ‘stream keeping.’ Stream keeping is a practice based on emulating nature’s success strategies for raising salmon. Key elements are stream knowledge, observation, and natural engineering to make aquatic environments more welcoming to spawning fish and salmon fry.

QISES has also organized and hosted a number of Stream keepers classes. If you are interested in taking a Stream keepers class, please let us know. If we have enough interested bodies, we organize a class in a season when stream measuring is OK for the salmon.

You can also check out the Streamkeepers website to look for ongoing classes in other areas.

Thank you to Campbell River Salmon Foundation for supporting our Drew Creek restoration project!  See their report below:
2020-2021 QISES Drew Creek Project