Show your support out there in the world with quirky Quadra Salmon merchandise – Quadra Salmon bumper stickers, T-shirts, salmon prayer flags, and even fishing lure “hoochie” earrings.  (If you have fantastic fun photos of any of the above, please reach out and let us know :)

At the moment QISES gear is only to be found at the local Quadra farmer’s markets, (nearly) every Saturday during the summer by the Credit Union, 10am-2pm.  Contact us via email link (quadrasalmon at gmail), Facebook page, or by phone 285-2787.  We also MAY be looking for a new Tshirt design in the coming year, so please reach out if you a) have GREAT art for one, b) want shirts before the old design goes, c) want a new kinda T-shirt!

(Heads up – Quadra Salmon volunteers are not the most online group of people – it is all volunteer time and we try to dedicate much more of that to stream work than computer work, so please be patient and allow a few days or so for responses to online reach-outs, and please feel free to try again!  If you want to help with any aspect of markets, web presence, or you’d like to be a venue for some QISES merch, please reach out!)