Salmon Counts

One fish, two fish

The measure of our success – and that of the salmon – is something we can only determine when we do our fall fish counts. All hands are on deck for this one! Volunteers walk streams once or twice every week, or operate the Village Bay Lake counting fence video system, for a span of about two months when the salmon return to the place of their birth – typically late September to late November, depending on when the rains fall. There are a lot of variables in how many salmon come back every year, so following this information over many years is crucial.

Open Bay fish count

Photo: Open Bay fish count, 2013

 If you are interested in joining us for fall fish counts, please get in touch.  It’s a delightful way to get out on the streams, see fish, and help assess salmon in a really tangible way.  We try to prioritize folks who can commit to regular counting, and have some availability in the fall.

Spreadsheet of QISES counts to 2023

(Links to QISES annual salmon counts)

Counting fish is only part of the process.  We also collect reports and collaborate with DFO so that fish escapements (returns) around the province are recorded.