A crucial part of Quadra Salmon’s mission is helping people understand how interconnected we are with salmon populations, how crucial they are for our island’s health, and how we can support them.  We hold local Streamkeepers courses, liaison with more, collaborate with Quadra School, and offer interpretive information to Quadra locals and visitors.

Contact us if you are interested in educational collaborations at the EcoCentre or elsewhere.

Quadra School

QISES has collaborated with Quadra Elementary many times over the years, from school visits to the hatchery, trail hikes, to releasing coho fry raised in the pond.

Photos: Quadra kids visit EcoCentre

Getting out in nature

In addition to the interpretive trails at the EcoCentre, QISES has collaborated with Quadra Trails committee on public viewing on Hyacinthe Creek and Drew Creek. QISES has also posted fish signs around many of the fish-bearing creeks on Quadra.

Creek walk
wildlife tree sign

Public talks

We’ve learned a lot about salmon over the years, and one thing we’ve learned is there is always more to learn. So we try to bring in experts from farther afield to educate us – and the public – about a diversity of salmon-related topics. From early life foraging to global salmon population dynamics, life is richer with more people talking about salmon.