chum salmon spawning ~ cover photo by April Bencze

Quadra Island Salmon Enhancement Society

The focus of Quadra Island Salmon Enhancement Society (QISES) is:

to monitor, maintain, and protect Quadra Island watersheds, fish and fish habitat, and

to promote public understanding about wild salmon and their habitat

Quadra Salmon purpose

It’s impossible to imagine the island we live on without the salmon that have made Quadra what it is, and continue to create life as we know it in the forest, streams, oceans, animals around us, and our human lives. Quadra Island Salmon Enhancement Society (QISES) is a non-profit organization (and registered charity) established in 1981 to protect, maintain and restore Quadra Island salmonid fish stocks and their watersheds. Our two main objectives are 1) maintaining, monitoring and enhancing watersheds and fish habitat, and 2) providing public education and raising awareness about wild salmon.

Hyacinthe Creek, Quadra Island

Photo: Hyacinthe (McKercher) Creek estuary on the east shore of Quadra Island

Salmon EcoCentre sign

Photo: Quadra Salmon EcoCentre, 2050 Hyacinthe Bay Rd

QISES Meetings

The QISES Board meets every second Thursday of the month, 7pm at the Quadra Salmon EcoCentre, 2050 Hyacinthe Bay Road*. All are welcome at any meeting, but you may wish to let us know in advance if you want to bring up a particular question or topic. If you have questions or interests in our projects, please get in touch!

If you want to meet the board members, there’s no better way than donning your gumboots and jumping in with both feet – sometimes literally! But there are many more ways to support wild salmon.

Quadra Island Salmon Enhancement Society has been an active group on this island for over 40 years.

* Please note during winter months, we often meet via Zoom to cut down on winter driving and cold/flu exposure!  Contact us for an invite to meetings.