Who we are

Quadra Island Salmon Enhancement has a working board of nine members with an annually-elected executive. In addition to the directors there's a core group of committed volunteers involved in a wide range of projects. People from the community are always welcome to become members, attend meetings, and participate in QISES' activities. 

Some of the present Board of Directors appear below. (This board works so hard it's tough to get them in one place long enough to snap a picture. We'll keep trying.)

Creek walk

Former Director Lawrie Bowles (in green waders) leads a stream walk with, among others, Grant Hayden, Janis McLean and Frank Gleeson

Current President, Janis McLean, has been involved with QISES for many years and at the helm since 2010. She brings to the group a decade of experience as an environmental assessment technician with a keen interest in fish and forest habitat. 

The Board meets monthly at the Salmon EcoCentre, 2050 Hyacinthe Bay Road. Meetings are the second Thursday of every month at 7:00pm. All are welcome.

QSEC bldg

The little EcoCentre that could

Visit What's Happening for details of current projects and upcoming work parties and special events. If you want to meet the board members, there's no better way than donning your gumboots and jumping in with both feet – sometimes literally!

Who we are now has a lot to do with who we used to be. If we were to write down the name of every volunteer who's ever been part of QISES, the list would go around a really big chum at least a few dozen times! 

There are people who've been an important part of Quadra Island Salmon Enhancement and their legacy is huge. Don McEachern is one of them, an islander whose dedication and passion carried QISES from its point of origin to 2006. In 1984 Don was hired to oversee the Katimavik volunteers. About his early work with salmon on Quadra, he says he was 'just kind of interested,' yet his curiosity and commitment translated into two decades of full-on leadership in the group. 

For more history of the Society, come and visit us at the Salmon EcoCentre. The EcoCentre also has a Facebook page, so keep updated by 'liking' us there!

For a conversation with Don about the early years at the hatchery and what salmon enhancement brought to the island, go to

Don McEachern and QISES and

A Little History 101

A Lot of History

A hint: it's not just about salmon.