Old Hatchery Renos


Back in the days of yore, the latest 'addition' to the EcoCentre was part of the Society's hatchery facility. Then, in more recent years the area did its duty for storage….now it is in the process of being brought back to life! 

fish trough

QISES decided to retain the potential of hatchery functionality should it be required, but that the space had much to offer as an addition to the EcoCentre. Visitors have always been curious about the residual equipment at the site, and about the Society's history as a hatchery facility…so thus the focus for the space was decided. 

The Pacific Salmon Foundation contributed $5,000 to the project, and QISES was able to apply other donations to the coffers of change. Volunteers helped repair the ceiling, then the place was emptied and stripped of all equipment. Constuction of a new storage area ensued, followed by cleaning and painting. Much of the equipment was put into storage, with a few key pieces being retained for interpretive purposes.

The hatchery in operation, circa mid 1980s

IMG 5180

Transformation in progress, summer 2012

IMG 5183

New storage area, door, & paintwork

IMG 4127

Summer Interpreter, Adrienne Mann, at work with a group from Quadra Kids

IMG 4118

Adrienne demonstrating the stripping of a (mock!) female coho