2016 - Fish Count Report


Salmon returns are counted at each of the streams listed below, once per week for the entire run, usually 6 weeks or more.    By doing this annually we get comparative statistics which enable us and the DFO scientists to evaluate the health of the salmon  populations and the entire system. Chum returns in fall 2016 were phenomenal as the following numbers attest:

Open Bay Creek count - 11,294 chum, 5 coho
Granite Bay Creek - 1638 chum, 49 coho
Drew Creek - 47 chum, 2 coho
Village Bay Creek and fence – 2386 chum, 183 coho, 7 jacks
Hyacinthe Creek – 7900 chum, 3 coho
Klunis Creek (Heriot Bay) – 20 chum
Caulfield Creek (Open Bay) – 37 chum

The chum were generally very large and seemed particularly strong, reaching higher upstream than previously seen in other years.  For example, Chum were found in section 4 of Open Bay Creek at the Village Bay Road culvert.  Granite Creek volunteers counted chum in section 4 beyond the wetland.  In Hyacinthe Creek, chum were observed as high as the first wetland along the Walcan Road, and in Little Morte Creek above the first bridge on the Morte Lake trail.  No pinks were observed, unlike 2014 and 2015. 

The upper reaches of Granite, Open Bay and Drew Creeks involve difficult bushwhacking, and October and November weather conditions are often unpleasant to downright nasty.  Thank you to the tremendous dedication of the regular counters:

Granite Creek – Carol, Judith, Vicki, Doug and others
Hyacinthe Creek – Janis and Eileen
Open Bay Creek – Doug, Mark, Grant, Carol Ann and David
Drew Creek – Darren, Theresa and Pete
Village Bay Creek – Frank and Brenda
Village Bay Lakes fence – Larry, Lauren and Pete

Janis McLean, QISES President